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Equipping your Clinical Research with Accurate & Reliable Spirometry Data

Aluna is an award-winning portable, digital spirometry platform that measures your participants’ respiratory functions (FEV1%, PEFR, etc.) and gives you real-time access to their lung health data

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Aluna is FDA-cleared for both over-the-counter and prescription use

Monitor Remotely

Reduce unnecessary in-office participant visits

Increase Efficiency

Real-time access to participant data

Optimize Budgets

Minimize participant 
commute expenditures

Accurate Spirometry Data for Your Studies

Aluna’s hospital-grade accuracy comes from its differential pressure sensor + proprietary machine learning algorithm. Aluna is proven to be as accurate as the nSpire Koko.

The Aluna device with a screenshot of the companion app.

Confidence in Reliable Data

Aluna's algorithm has been developed hand-in-hand with renowned pulmonologists. As such, Aluna can identify "adequate effort" vs "inadequate effort" spirometry results, ensuring researchers are seeing only high-quality data.

Easily Onboard and Monitor Participants

Aluna is appropriate for kids and adults (ages 5+). It encourages participants to use proper spirometry technique and rewards them for daily engagement.

In addition to FEV1% and PEF, you gain access 
to participants’:

  • Entire flow-volume loop
  • Environmental Factors
  • Medication Usage
  • Respiratory Symptoms
  • Exercise Activities
Screenshots of the Aluna app's onboarding process.

How It Works

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Set Up

Onboard participants easily using resources and tools provided
by Aluna

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Home Use

Participants measure lung health at home, reducing unnecessary
in-office visits

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Aluna monitors participants and alerts researchers of worsening through dashboard

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Researchers get access to accurate, reliable data while minimizing participant budgets

Learn How Aluna Can Support Your Study

Speak to a member of our team directly to discuss how Aluna can support your clinical trial.

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