Aluna is a Digital Spirometer

How it Works

A spirometer is a device you blow in to which measures the capacity and function of your lungs.
Aluna is pocket friendly and can be used at home or on-the-go.

Set Up

Download our app and assemble your Aluna device.


Press Aluna’s big blue button to sync to your phone via Bluetooth.


You’re taking a spirometry test – it’s the same type of maneuver you’d perform at the clinic.

Use Daily

The more scores you collect, the better. Use Aluna regularly for optimal results.

Our App Features

Screenshot of the medication log in the app.

Symptom and Medication Log

Each day you’re prompted to record any medication you’ve taken, as well as any respiratory symptoms you’ve experienced.

Screenshot of the lung health tracker in the app, showing a graph over time.

Real-time Lung Health

Each FEV1% score is recorded within the history panel. Over time, you can pick up on recurring patterns in your day-to-day health.

Screenshot of the export function in the app, showing the ability to share data and create reports.

Shareable Data

Email up to 3 months of data to your healthcare provider, a loved one, or yourself. If Aluna was prescribed to you, your scores will automatically upload to our server for review by your provider.

Healthcare in Disguise

Set Goals

Set goals for yourself and use our in-app reminders to help you keep on track.

Unlock Rewards

Collect gems when you perform spirometry and trade them in for unique ship parts.

Complete Quests

Record respiratory events, view your history and perform other health-related tasks to earn additional gems.

Take Control with Aluna

Chronic lung conditions cause unwelcome disruptions in our day-to-day. Aluna's home-based spirometer was designed by people with asthma to help keep frustration and alarming surprises at bay.

Get Aluna
The Aluna device next to its packaging.